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‘Slow Flow’ is the movement between the urban green landscapes of the public park network project. Opportunities for slower forms of movement whilst being healthy activities, such as walking and cycling, will provide an alternative to the current reliance on a car culture within this urban landscape. A long term process of re-wilding using the Water of Leith’s urban riparian park as an ecological hub will improve ecosystem services in the area. The concept involves a process of flowing more slowly and from a short distance to far away, improving the health and wellness of the community and nature.
The proposal for this urban park network project will be to encourage community involvement aspiring to a more equitable ‘bottom-up’ process whilst creating an urban landscape that is more accessible and adaptable for 2020 up to 2050 in accordance with the City of Edinburgh Council’s Edinburgh Adapts - Our Vision 2016-2050. Specifically, the proposal addresses the pressing need for a marginalized group of Edinburgh’s residents, the elderly with dementia and other memory loss issues from the relatively deprived communities adjacent to Victoria Park. 

Project summary diagram

victoria park5.jpg

 Proposed Water of Leith public park network


Physical context


Social context


Dementia friendly potential analysis 


Detail area

victoria park21.jpg

Dementia-Friendly Garden : Loop path track with Aromatic Dry Garden room, and SuDS 


Victoria Park dementia-friendly application and programmes

Victoria Park dementia-friendly application and programmes


Victoria Park habitat creation and facilities


Memory Triggering Trail - Public park connection


Ecological “Moments” 

ecological moment.jpg

The use of native species of plants to benefit native fauna

2020-05-20_The_ecological_approach_to_the _design_of_Victoira_Park_Edinburgh384.jpg
victoria park28.jpg
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