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Hana Shin
+44(0) 7480 682 730

Nationality: Republic of Korea

Language: Korean, English

UK driving license

Based in London and Edinburgh


My main area of interest within landscape architecture involves pursuing an artistic, sculptural and architectural approach to designing urban and peri-urban landscapes that can lead to positive changes within communities benefitting both human and more-than-human.

My design philosophy revolves around discovering the truth within the context of the ‘artistic mind’ and exploring how creativity, originality and uniqueness can be utilised to produce innovative and highly inventive landscape designs.
I feel that landscape architecture is going to be at the forefront of future development especially when it comes to adapting our urban landscapes to climate change and addressing the issues caused by increasing urbanisation. I want to be able to develop the necessary skills to become a landscape architect that can take her place within the industry that will have to tackle these issues head-on.
My ambition is to become a landscape architect that has the tools at her disposal to create landscapes that are kind to nature, economically beneficial, culturally helpful, and that provide opportunities for people to help each other within their own communities. I am particularly interested in how landscape architecture can help to refill the previously empty spaces within urban landscapes that we see around us and transform once neglected and derelict spaces into thriving places within which cultural enterprises and immersive experiences of nature go together.

I hope to provide innovative landscape designs in the future that bring about a meaningful cultural change that benefits both human and more-than-human.


Urban Master planning Detail design  Land art Urban wilderness Freshwater management 
Socio-cultural ecological service Visual impact assessment
Urban regeneration Cultural oriented development Health and wellbeing



Landscape Institute Scotland
RE-imagining a New Outdoor -A Showcase of Design Idea
Project title: The Re-frame Series (p. 20)


Group work
I have taken part in the process of concept making, master planning, planting, 3D SketchUp Modelling and visualisations.


Landscape Institute: East England branch award 

Best Landscape Planting Design or Thesis (Undergraduate)

This award is for "The vibrant colour of culture: a toolkit to revitalise the coastal community in South Dean, Great Yarmouth", 2019. 


Wynne - Willams Associates Design Award

Highest achieving student on BSc (Hons) Landscape Architecture

I have been chosen as the best student in the Landscape Architecture course at Writtle University College, 2019.


2019 - 2021

MLA Landscape Architecture - the University of Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, Scotland


I achieved my best marks for Portfolio (Design) and Construction Detail modules.

2016 - 2019

BSc (Hons) Landscape Architecture - Writtle University College, Chelmsford, Essex

An overall 2.1 was achieved with first-class for my final year dissertation.

This education period helped form my design philosophy and provided me with the theoretical and practical skills I will require to continue with postgraduate studies. It has also helped me to develop a more professional focus and an understanding of what is required to become a chartered landscape architect in the UK.

2004 - 2009

BA (Hons) Fine Arts - Sejong University, Seoul, South Korea

85.6% mark equivalent with the First class in the UK

This period helped to develop my artistic mind. I have a creative personality, a unique and original way of expressing myself. It is the side of me that motivates me the most and influences my approach to spatial design.


2020 - 2021

ELSALA Student Representative

I achieved an improvement in the communication between school and classmates, especially under the unusual circumstances during the pandemic.

As a supporter for students of the MLA Landscape architecture course, I have presented the needs of students and make them have understood the best way to through this course. I have mainly cared about communication between tutors and students. It was also beneficial for international students who had to rely completely on virtual teaching whilst living in different countries. 


Graduation Show 2021 Student Representative

From the beginning of planning to build our virtual graduation show, I was one of the reviewing group members. My role was to make suggestions and reviewed the brand new website. I also contributed to creating part of the catalogue for our graduation year, 2021. I have learned from these experiences the importance of organising well, keeping deadlines and communicating in the context of group work.

2007 - 2015

Web designer, Fashion marketer, Apparel merchandiser

I have belonged to several companies in Korea. 

  • Momnest - Online baby shopping mall / webmaster

  • Unique Closet - Online fashion shopping mall / director

  • IDECLIP - Founder

  • Cherry Purple - Online fashion shopping mall / lead photographer

2006 - 2015

Freelancer photographer

  • Assistant Photographer - VIP golf events sponsored by Hyundai Motors, including professional golfers from PGA tour

  • Portrait photographer - Hang-Ryul Park who is a Korean artist famous for his paintings and poems

  • Wedding photography

  • Fashion photography

 From college, I embarked on several business pursuits. Enterprising from my early twenties, I first started up and managed a mail-order business and freelance photographic business within the fashion industry. This has helped me to become knowledgeable in combining textures and colour matching. It has also made me become more spatially aware and to realise how lighting effects can change a person’s immersive experience of a space. After realising I needed something more out of life, a fresh challenge, I sold my business and decided to learn English in Norwich during which time I felt called to pursue a career in landscape architecture. 



Adobe Creative Suite

Photoshop      ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫

InDesign          ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪

Premiere Pro   ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪

After Effects    ⚫⚫⚫⚪⚪

Acrobat           ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪

Illustrator         ⚫⚪⚪⚪⚪

















Microsoft Office






Plant knowledge


Personal strengths
















Anaïs Chanon /

Lecturer in Landscape Architecture / University of Edinburgh

Co-founder of GRAFT

Lecturer in Landscape Architecture / University of Edinburgh

Chartered Landscape Architect

Senior Lecturer in Landscape Architecture and Garden Design / Writtle University College

Senior associate at Studio THADIAN PILLAI 

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